Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presentations Prizes and less Pain!

Well my blogging days are coming close to an end - I have in mind doing a final blog about the day but I do not have time today. As I can see there are still quite a few readers I thought I would do a short wrap up on the above and leave it there.

Hopefully most of you made it to the presentations. It was great to meet up with fellow walkers and tell tails of highs and lows! Any readers of my earlier blogs might remember I said previously I looked forward to seeing the hand over of the most improved prize and that I would look out for the winner (The Island is Walking). Ironically the much deserved winner also featured in my Parish Walk 2011: Day off blog - Sam who flagged me down for a chat in Baldwin a few weeks ago.Well done great effort and you ended up in hospital after reaction to voltarol overload (another tip to add to the list - stay off too many tablets or perhaps stay off them all).

Anyway great night last night and esp thanks to organisers and well done to prize winners (which included the team winners who beat my Clumpers team - well done ladies).

On the pain front - pretty much all gone now though blisters still a bit of a nuisance (I need to delete all my tips re shoes and socks! - but that story is for my final post).


PS Take That concert great show although walking 1 1/2 miles from car to Villa Ground standing for 4hours and then walking back to car was probably not the best recovery plan!

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