Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well the strategy did not quite work for me on the day but as I said before we got underway 1st goal to finish, second to beat the wild of 2010 and then 3rd to get in under 17... 2 out of 3 will do for this year. In fact, I have only done this 3 times and yesterday was definitely the hardest. Not entirely sure why, I probably went off a bit quick but only arrived at Peel a few mins earlier than planned 6:14hrs. Almost immediately afterwards I started feeling sick with some unpleasant intestinal issues (sorry Gemma)!! My energy levels dropped really quickly after that and I could not eat thereafter. I then got blisters on the soles of my feet - as I know Dudley Butt is a follower with a great blog picture of his blisters I thought I better post my own version!

Anyway back to the day - fab time and tremendous support from lots of people; I had my own team of Gemma, daughter Cath and her friend Georgie. I also had my other support crew of Brett from about 50 miles in. They have both supported me on all 3 of my efforts and what I can say for sure is that I would not have finished without them. The message also got round that I was dying on my feet so I had emergency pick up visits from the the Grace clan and for the last few hours Mary and Neil came straight off the boat to urge me home. Neil Skillen finished on his first time in 18hours last year and I think I have given him the bug for next year - so watch out!

The other support that gets you round are the thousands of people who come out to support and wish you well on the way. I have to say the most memorable moment was a group of clowns outside the Mitre in Kirk Michael singing "there's only one Jonny Wild one Jonny Wild....." I am not sure whether they sang this for everyone but it was great!! (just reading this back I meant literally dressed as clowns....). All the texts and phone calls also give you a lift - thanks to everyone for getting me round.

I am very happy to have finished and joined in what was yet again another fantastic event and especially thanks to all those who organise and marshall on the day - it could not happen without them. Congratulations to all who got where they were intending; especially those finishers and to Jock and Maureen for great win and the famous 5 front runners who must have made the event so exciting for all those watching and following on Manx Radio. Also Richard my fellow blogger led the Callin Wild Clumpers home in a great sub 16 hour time - well done. The non finishers in the team did well kathryn making it to Jurby and David making it to Bride well done guys

I will end here as pretty exhausted - here is an action shot of me blogging!

New Parish Memories; a beautiful evening in Maughold  - unbelievable views with the sun shining - it almost made me forget the pain!!!

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  1. Don't worry mate, the 'Emergency Pack' will be with you in the morning - you'll then be able to bop the night away to Take That!

    THE Doc