Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final Thoughts

Another great Parish Walk over. Looking back I am sure we pick out the good bits and put those low moments out of our head (bit like child birth as far as I can tell from a mans perspective!)

Anyway finished 3 in a row now and already thinking that would like to give it a go again next year. My plans for sub 17 proved to be optimistic but still feel that this achievable but the years are perhaps beginning to run out :( so need to get on with it!

It is always important to learn things from each effort so here are the new tips I am going to give myself for next year. Everyone reacts slightly differently, so the most important tips I reckon are those you can get from your own experiences.

1. I seem to over heat easily and cannot keep cool especially after 40 miles or so. Try to keep cooler - bring ice water to throw over your head at regular intervals! I will do some Internet trawling too to see what otter less drastic options there are.

2. Rethink socks. Vaseline all over feet not just heels and try to toughen up soles beforehand, perhaps a bit of barefoot walking

3. Make time for a few longer walks to try to work out pace and try out sock and shoe strategy on the longer walks. My shoes worked for about 40 miles but the toe box was a bit small and toes were really bashed, I also think the rubber type insole made my feet overheat. I swapped shoes and socks in kirk Michael and i was really glad I did as it definitely helped.

4. Keep smiling!

Anyway lots of other events between now and the next long walk; plan to enter end 2 end and really enjoyed the 10 k series which I will also give another go - I would recommend that to anyone thinking of doing the parish next year. Also got the Dublin marathon in October which seemed like a good idea last Xmas but now getting a bit close and will have to start some running training.

I am glad (and hope) people have enjoyed reading the blog - I have enjoyed writing it, it certainly helped me focus on the event and ensured that I kept the training up.

Feet are healing pretty quick albeit I have not had the fish treatment from town I had never heard of this till last night but apparently it is all the rage, the fit nibble bits of your skin off your feet to clean them up - yes really and she sent me the picture!!

Dont worry those aren't my feet and decided I might finish them off if I stuck my feet in the tank!

Well that's all folks


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presentations Prizes and less Pain!

Well my blogging days are coming close to an end - I have in mind doing a final blog about the day but I do not have time today. As I can see there are still quite a few readers I thought I would do a short wrap up on the above and leave it there.

Hopefully most of you made it to the presentations. It was great to meet up with fellow walkers and tell tails of highs and lows! Any readers of my earlier blogs might remember I said previously I looked forward to seeing the hand over of the most improved prize and that I would look out for the winner (The Island is Walking). Ironically the much deserved winner also featured in my Parish Walk 2011: Day off blog - Sam who flagged me down for a chat in Baldwin a few weeks ago.Well done great effort and you ended up in hospital after reaction to voltarol overload (another tip to add to the list - stay off too many tablets or perhaps stay off them all).

Anyway great night last night and esp thanks to organisers and well done to prize winners (which included the team winners who beat my Clumpers team - well done ladies).

On the pain front - pretty much all gone now though blisters still a bit of a nuisance (I need to delete all my tips re shoes and socks! - but that story is for my final post).


PS Take That concert great show although walking 1 1/2 miles from car to Villa Ground standing for 4hours and then walking back to car was probably not the best recovery plan!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Take That

Well on the road to recovery. THE Doc sorted my feet out this morning with some padded dressing so can now walk unaided!! Thanks Col.

It seemed like a good idea when someone offered us some take that tickets as I had taken the day off anyway. I was a bit worried I might not make it yesterday as feet/ legs a bit wrecked but much better today! So blogging at the airport. Lots of great pictures on the web site, my support team were so busy getting me round that no time for picture on the way round.

Just boarding the plane so must dash - hopefully lots of readers will be there tomorrow (and hopefully return flight on time too as i don't want to miss the presentation - it is always a good night)


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well the strategy did not quite work for me on the day but as I said before we got underway 1st goal to finish, second to beat the wild of 2010 and then 3rd to get in under 17... 2 out of 3 will do for this year. In fact, I have only done this 3 times and yesterday was definitely the hardest. Not entirely sure why, I probably went off a bit quick but only arrived at Peel a few mins earlier than planned 6:14hrs. Almost immediately afterwards I started feeling sick with some unpleasant intestinal issues (sorry Gemma)!! My energy levels dropped really quickly after that and I could not eat thereafter. I then got blisters on the soles of my feet - as I know Dudley Butt is a follower with a great blog picture of his blisters I thought I better post my own version!

Anyway back to the day - fab time and tremendous support from lots of people; I had my own team of Gemma, daughter Cath and her friend Georgie. I also had my other support crew of Brett from about 50 miles in. They have both supported me on all 3 of my efforts and what I can say for sure is that I would not have finished without them. The message also got round that I was dying on my feet so I had emergency pick up visits from the the Grace clan and for the last few hours Mary and Neil came straight off the boat to urge me home. Neil Skillen finished on his first time in 18hours last year and I think I have given him the bug for next year - so watch out!

The other support that gets you round are the thousands of people who come out to support and wish you well on the way. I have to say the most memorable moment was a group of clowns outside the Mitre in Kirk Michael singing "there's only one Jonny Wild one Jonny Wild....." I am not sure whether they sang this for everyone but it was great!! (just reading this back I meant literally dressed as clowns....). All the texts and phone calls also give you a lift - thanks to everyone for getting me round.

I am very happy to have finished and joined in what was yet again another fantastic event and especially thanks to all those who organise and marshall on the day - it could not happen without them. Congratulations to all who got where they were intending; especially those finishers and to Jock and Maureen for great win and the famous 5 front runners who must have made the event so exciting for all those watching and following on Manx Radio. Also Richard my fellow blogger led the Callin Wild Clumpers home in a great sub 16 hour time - well done. The non finishers in the team did well kathryn making it to Jurby and David making it to Bride well done guys

I will end here as pretty exhausted - here is an action shot of me blogging!

New Parish Memories; a beautiful evening in Maughold  - unbelievable views with the sun shining - it almost made me forget the pain!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ok corny last post title but here we go for the last pre race blog.

Check List almost complete:

1.  Register
2.  Clothing for the morning (and garmin charged)

3.  Spare change clothes
4.  Wet weather gear
5.  Track suit and wet weather for pre start if raining
6.  Medical Kit inc sun cream (optimistic?!?)

7.  Food

8.  Gear for Support

Ok just about sorted - weather forecast seems to have improved so time to relax and fill your mind with positive thoughts!!!

Only last minute things are minor but may just save you a bit of time or hassle - if you are planning to go past Jurby then things like checking head torch batteries and adjustment of headtorch or other light source is good to do now - set the velcro in the right place - it is just something else to distract you when you are tired.

Gemma has done a great job so all food and medical supplies sorted; food all packed and soup ready to be warmed for the flask tomorrow. She thinks I am mad as I am taking pictures of the supplies for the car - she is probably right!!

It has been a really uplifting day today lots of well wishers emails tel calls and texts - thanks to you all. The flip side is very difficult to get too much work done  as also tempted to check weather and have been talking to the rest of the Callin Wild Clumpers team about plans for the day, last minute prep and general "parish stuff" 

Well not much more to say other than good luck to you all - hope you achieve your targets and enjoy the day; lets see if we can get 200 finishers this year...

Thanks for reading :)

The Waiting Game

Well stayed up a bit late tonight but still officially 2 more sleeps. So the day is nearly upon us. Sick of pasta by now and being one of the heavier walkers I figure don't need to go overboard on the loading up - I reckon still plenty of reserves. I have never actually disclosed weight but have talked quite a bit about gradually loosing a few pounds during the training.

Those of you who have read so far will realise I have come clean about my shoe fetish which in my defence comes from having size 14s and also my sock issues which have also dominated some blogging themes. Thankfully the endless talk of shin pain has also come to a halt as I seem to have got rid of that one! So thought as we have just entered the last day I should also confirm results of weight loss programme; first lap in 2009 I was 17st. Second lap last year exactly 16 and this year pretty much weighing in at 15 1/2. There we go then - no need for pasta for me:)

I went out for a fab Scandanavian meal tonight (yes I am still on the island not done a runner due to the tension!) which was great - largely fish based and managed to limit the alcohol carb intake too and no pasta! Did some final support planning with my Blackboards SMP chum who is now shopping for porridge tomorrow for my mid morning snack, hopefully around 10:10 all being well...

Anyway need to sleep - final post will be after checkin tomorrow; 7 - 8 months of blogging nearing its conclusion - and need to fit some work in tomorrow before checking weather and generally getting excited!


Parish memories; people with programmes looking up race numbers to cheer everyone on by name.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weather update!

Hot off the press.......

It is getting better. And the other forecast at is getting better too:)

Weather Forecast for the Isle of Man
Ronaldsway Meteorological Office
Issued at 4:45 am on Thursday 23rd June 2011 
Rain soon dying out on Saturday, then dry for the rest of the weekend. Some coastal mist is likely but warm sunshine will develop in places, especially in the north.
Saturday 25th June

Occasional rain or drizzle
S-SW 20-25 decreasing 15-20
Moderate perhaps poor at times with hill and coastal mist or fog patches