Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Island is Walking

The Island is Walking - Well that was it felt like this morning. I wasn't expecting to see anyone out as the dog woke me this morning as he had a "friend" over and they decided that they wanted to wake up at 5ish and I never made it back to sleep! (Even more surprising as had been at a 70s night fancy dress party raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind that Gemma was helping organise and the Mateus Rose and Liebfrau was flowing!!!).

Anyway went for a decent walk at 7am but still saw lots of people out. I went for a different lap as picking the car up from Onchan so had a lovely walk via the prom with the sun shining brightly. I was back by 9am so had the rest of the day ahead but lots of walkers and indeed runners and cyclists out - it is great to see. Running the kids around in the morning saw me pass lots of groups practising the Parish route Laxey to Douglas.

Then it suddenly became winter by lunchtime, at least in Douglas - freezing wind and rain and thoughts of perhaps another walk in the afternoon evaporated like the sun.... so spent the afternoon with the family and tapering starting now in front of the TV!

The other bit of running around this morning was to drop my improver's trophy off which has had pride of place for this last year :( When I won it Jane Crowe a former winner came over and said I had got her trophy and told me to look after it! I now know how she feels so I will have to pass the message on to the next winner whoever you are... I am now in good company though as former winners included Michael George and Mark Hempsall and Gill Cunningham.

It will have a new name on in a couple of weeks time but time to hand it back. I don't think I have a picture of this yet so Chess took one when we were packing it in the car - it weighs a ton - good Pooil Vaaish Quarry slate! and thanks to MSM for the trophy.

Back to work tomorrow and TT distractions over (the team has now left too). Just planning 2 or 3 shorter walks this week and will take the dog with me now too.

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