Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recovery Complete

Planned to go out Saturday but was v tired and decided I needed another rest day. Next plan was to go out Sunday morning but still woke up pretty tired and the thought of a rare lie in, with the kids all doing the same, was too tempting. Nick had been away for a week on a school trip so needed some family time today with all 5 of us playing cricket and even garden jobs.

Eventually made it out early evening on the usual walk, which went ok -I can't seem to be bothered finding another route now but beginning to count down the remaining sessions left - its definitely getting close now!

Gemma bought Paula Radcliffe's book the other day which I have stolen and found really interesting, Lots of motivational tips and chapters on nutrition and various training schedules too - worth a look...

For some (sad) reason I was surfing parish walk on you tube yesterday and found a couple of recent Granada reports extracts which I had not realised had been on TV - particularly exciting as I was in the background on one of the shots during the Roger Black piece - fame at last!!!

Some other parish related videos:

Finally here is Ray Cox being interviewed at the launch of this year'sevent  last year - Murray's you tube post - good interview (not sure about the curtains though!!)

Enjoy the weather and keep going, last few sessions to hopefully build up the focus and confidence.

More 2010 memories - Gemma buying ice creams in Kirk Michael and handing out to those of us plodding by - I was so hot by then and the ice cream really hit the spot.


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