Friday, June 24, 2011

The Waiting Game

Well stayed up a bit late tonight but still officially 2 more sleeps. So the day is nearly upon us. Sick of pasta by now and being one of the heavier walkers I figure don't need to go overboard on the loading up - I reckon still plenty of reserves. I have never actually disclosed weight but have talked quite a bit about gradually loosing a few pounds during the training.

Those of you who have read so far will realise I have come clean about my shoe fetish which in my defence comes from having size 14s and also my sock issues which have also dominated some blogging themes. Thankfully the endless talk of shin pain has also come to a halt as I seem to have got rid of that one! So thought as we have just entered the last day I should also confirm results of weight loss programme; first lap in 2009 I was 17st. Second lap last year exactly 16 and this year pretty much weighing in at 15 1/2. There we go then - no need for pasta for me:)

I went out for a fab Scandanavian meal tonight (yes I am still on the island not done a runner due to the tension!) which was great - largely fish based and managed to limit the alcohol carb intake too and no pasta! Did some final support planning with my Blackboards SMP chum who is now shopping for porridge tomorrow for my mid morning snack, hopefully around 10:10 all being well...

Anyway need to sleep - final post will be after checkin tomorrow; 7 - 8 months of blogging nearing its conclusion - and need to fit some work in tomorrow before checking weather and generally getting excited!


Parish memories; people with programmes looking up race numbers to cheer everyone on by name.

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