Friday, June 10, 2011

Day off

Well took the day off today and it has been great so far. Got up early and walked to St Johns before the roads closed. I was amazed at how many people were out on their pitches already before the senior. Walking past the Crosby was a little embarrassing as I was trying to get up the hill at full speed whilst being teased by a couple of bikers who were enjoying the early sunshine with an even earlier pint! I was momentarily jealous as a pint of cold lager did have its attractions but that would not have set me up for the rest of the day.

I was also relieved about my compression sock choice I mentioned a couple of weeks ago as I fortunately i had the white pair rolled down - knee length White socks would have definitely raised the level of the banter as I went by. It was probably not the best route to walk but I had actually booked in for another massage at St Johns so there was no option but to go for the tt course. Other than a few strange looks from all the spectators the walk was fairly uneventful and well worth the trip out as the massage the other night really helped to loosen up the legs muscles and I think increase the speed slightly.

Today's massage was camomile based which is apparently good for healing and reducing inflammation so ideal to soothe aching legs ESP. Hamstrings and thighs which have been bothering me a little bit over the past week or so - but nothing serious....

I have just noticed that page views and followers gadgets do not seem to be working at least from my iPad so will have to check out whether this is a problem. At the moment still about 80 reads a day which spurs me on to write as much as poss especially with really only 2 weeks to go - gulp!!!

In fact I bumped into a fellow parish trainer called Sam in the back of beyond between east and west Baldwin on Thursday who flagged me down to ask if I was one of the parish bloggers!! Sam if you are reading this impressed you recognised me and hope the training walks keep going well - forget the shin pain - with a bit of a warm up and an easy first mile or 2 I am sure you will be fine on the day.

Anyway hoping to catch a bit of the racing in a minute and cheer on the Relentless team and he of the sideburns (was that your comment as "anonymous" Sumo?).

Only a couple more full on sessions and then thinking about winding back then with a few shorter walks and maybe a swim....

15 sleeps to go!


Ps another Parish Memory: so many friendly children handing out sweets ESP.the ones providing jelly beans!


  1. Anonymous here. Sumo - who hell he or she? But not me. Although I was referring to him of sideburns.

    Even more spookily, just read the blog about the Baileys drinker at Andreas. Is that The Doctor (not The Italian Doctor , number 46) but THE Doctor at Palatine ?

  2. Sumo is last years female winner Sue Moore (who commented on my tips page as " anonymous" hence my guess)

    Sightly confused about THE but i guess yes he is the famous doctor who I did the 3 peaks with too - see an old link in days before blogs to our 3 peaks story