Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Final Countdown

Well just back from trip away and not done much since the wet weather session on Friday. Did a few miles just to stretch the legs out but not had time to do a proper workout. Just thinking through final preparations for food and drink for the support team as clothing all now planned.

I have already talked quite a lot about the food and drink to eat on the day so won't repeat it all again but soup rice pudding and other easily digestible food is I think important to have available especially in the second half. The ability to eat solids gets harder as he event progresses so I am planning to try to eat some solid food early on with the odd banana thrown in.

Another thing I have been planning is my planned timing round the course. Although there is of course no guarantee you can do this on the day; I think it is a good idea to have a few target times at some of the churches - your support crew can perhaps keep these especially past Peel.

This is not only to make sure you have a realistic target whether it is for Rushen, Peel, beyond or all the way. If you want to go as far as you can it is important not too set off too quick - it is really easy to get carried away... That said my own view is that it is still important to set yourself a reasonable relaxed pace that you are comfortable with. At the end of the day if you can get round in 20 hours or so then it is still 4 hours less on your feet... Imagine how your legs ache just standing up for 4 hours! So if you work out a sensible pace before you start then you will probably walk a bit quicker but you might want to reign yourself in a bit if you are trying to get all the way round.

If you haven't been for a walk with the gear you plan to wear on the day (including the bib) I suggest you do - it is worthwhile to take a trip out in the next few days just to make sure you are comfortable and have no niggles....

The final countdown is upon us!


Ps another parish memory; a kind lady outside her house with a table full of oranges drink and other goodies just when I needed it somewhere up North (too hot and tired to remember where! )

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