Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presentations Prizes and less Pain!

Well my blogging days are coming close to an end - I have in mind doing a final blog about the day but I do not have time today. As I can see there are still quite a few readers I thought I would do a short wrap up on the above and leave it there.

Hopefully most of you made it to the presentations. It was great to meet up with fellow walkers and tell tails of highs and lows! Any readers of my earlier blogs might remember I said previously I looked forward to seeing the hand over of the most improved prize and that I would look out for the winner (The Island is Walking). Ironically the much deserved winner also featured in my Parish Walk 2011: Day off blog - Sam who flagged me down for a chat in Baldwin a few weeks ago.Well done great effort and you ended up in hospital after reaction to voltarol overload (another tip to add to the list - stay off too many tablets or perhaps stay off them all).

Anyway great night last night and esp thanks to organisers and well done to prize winners (which included the team winners who beat my Clumpers team - well done ladies).

On the pain front - pretty much all gone now though blisters still a bit of a nuisance (I need to delete all my tips re shoes and socks! - but that story is for my final post).


PS Take That concert great show although walking 1 1/2 miles from car to Villa Ground standing for 4hours and then walking back to car was probably not the best recovery plan!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Take That

Well on the road to recovery. THE Doc sorted my feet out this morning with some padded dressing so can now walk unaided!! Thanks Col.

It seemed like a good idea when someone offered us some take that tickets as I had taken the day off anyway. I was a bit worried I might not make it yesterday as feet/ legs a bit wrecked but much better today! So blogging at the airport. Lots of great pictures on the web site, my support team were so busy getting me round that no time for picture on the way round.

Just boarding the plane so must dash - hopefully lots of readers will be there tomorrow (and hopefully return flight on time too as i don't want to miss the presentation - it is always a good night)


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well the strategy did not quite work for me on the day but as I said before we got underway 1st goal to finish, second to beat the wild of 2010 and then 3rd to get in under 17... 2 out of 3 will do for this year. In fact, I have only done this 3 times and yesterday was definitely the hardest. Not entirely sure why, I probably went off a bit quick but only arrived at Peel a few mins earlier than planned 6:14hrs. Almost immediately afterwards I started feeling sick with some unpleasant intestinal issues (sorry Gemma)!! My energy levels dropped really quickly after that and I could not eat thereafter. I then got blisters on the soles of my feet - as I know Dudley Butt is a follower with a great blog picture of his blisters I thought I better post my own version!

Anyway back to the day - fab time and tremendous support from lots of people; I had my own team of Gemma, daughter Cath and her friend Georgie. I also had my other support crew of Brett from about 50 miles in. They have both supported me on all 3 of my efforts and what I can say for sure is that I would not have finished without them. The message also got round that I was dying on my feet so I had emergency pick up visits from the the Grace clan and for the last few hours Mary and Neil came straight off the boat to urge me home. Neil Skillen finished on his first time in 18hours last year and I think I have given him the bug for next year - so watch out!

The other support that gets you round are the thousands of people who come out to support and wish you well on the way. I have to say the most memorable moment was a group of clowns outside the Mitre in Kirk Michael singing "there's only one Jonny Wild one Jonny Wild....." I am not sure whether they sang this for everyone but it was great!! (just reading this back I meant literally dressed as clowns....). All the texts and phone calls also give you a lift - thanks to everyone for getting me round.

I am very happy to have finished and joined in what was yet again another fantastic event and especially thanks to all those who organise and marshall on the day - it could not happen without them. Congratulations to all who got where they were intending; especially those finishers and to Jock and Maureen for great win and the famous 5 front runners who must have made the event so exciting for all those watching and following on Manx Radio. Also Richard my fellow blogger led the Callin Wild Clumpers home in a great sub 16 hour time - well done. The non finishers in the team did well kathryn making it to Jurby and David making it to Bride well done guys

I will end here as pretty exhausted - here is an action shot of me blogging!

New Parish Memories; a beautiful evening in Maughold  - unbelievable views with the sun shining - it almost made me forget the pain!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ok corny last post title but here we go for the last pre race blog.

Check List almost complete:

1.  Register
2.  Clothing for the morning (and garmin charged)

3.  Spare change clothes
4.  Wet weather gear
5.  Track suit and wet weather for pre start if raining
6.  Medical Kit inc sun cream (optimistic?!?)

7.  Food

8.  Gear for Support

Ok just about sorted - weather forecast seems to have improved so time to relax and fill your mind with positive thoughts!!!

Only last minute things are minor but may just save you a bit of time or hassle - if you are planning to go past Jurby then things like checking head torch batteries and adjustment of headtorch or other light source is good to do now - set the velcro in the right place - it is just something else to distract you when you are tired.

Gemma has done a great job so all food and medical supplies sorted; food all packed and soup ready to be warmed for the flask tomorrow. She thinks I am mad as I am taking pictures of the supplies for the car - she is probably right!!

It has been a really uplifting day today lots of well wishers emails tel calls and texts - thanks to you all. The flip side is very difficult to get too much work done  as also tempted to check weather and have been talking to the rest of the Callin Wild Clumpers team about plans for the day, last minute prep and general "parish stuff" 

Well not much more to say other than good luck to you all - hope you achieve your targets and enjoy the day; lets see if we can get 200 finishers this year...

Thanks for reading :)

The Waiting Game

Well stayed up a bit late tonight but still officially 2 more sleeps. So the day is nearly upon us. Sick of pasta by now and being one of the heavier walkers I figure don't need to go overboard on the loading up - I reckon still plenty of reserves. I have never actually disclosed weight but have talked quite a bit about gradually loosing a few pounds during the training.

Those of you who have read so far will realise I have come clean about my shoe fetish which in my defence comes from having size 14s and also my sock issues which have also dominated some blogging themes. Thankfully the endless talk of shin pain has also come to a halt as I seem to have got rid of that one! So thought as we have just entered the last day I should also confirm results of weight loss programme; first lap in 2009 I was 17st. Second lap last year exactly 16 and this year pretty much weighing in at 15 1/2. There we go then - no need for pasta for me:)

I went out for a fab Scandanavian meal tonight (yes I am still on the island not done a runner due to the tension!) which was great - largely fish based and managed to limit the alcohol carb intake too and no pasta! Did some final support planning with my Blackboards SMP chum who is now shopping for porridge tomorrow for my mid morning snack, hopefully around 10:10 all being well...

Anyway need to sleep - final post will be after checkin tomorrow; 7 - 8 months of blogging nearing its conclusion - and need to fit some work in tomorrow before checking weather and generally getting excited!


Parish memories; people with programmes looking up race numbers to cheer everyone on by name.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weather update!

Hot off the press.......

It is getting better. And the other forecast at is getting better too:)

Weather Forecast for the Isle of Man
Ronaldsway Meteorological Office
Issued at 4:45 am on Thursday 23rd June 2011 
Rain soon dying out on Saturday, then dry for the rest of the weekend. Some coastal mist is likely but warm sunshine will develop in places, especially in the north.
Saturday 25th June

Occasional rain or drizzle
S-SW 20-25 decreasing 15-20
Moderate perhaps poor at times with hill and coastal mist or fog patches

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


No time tonight but noticed lots of you reading over the last few days - 120 yesterday.

Your thoughts may have turned to the weather apart from the local sites my friend Mark put me on to this site today

Looks pretty detailed but the weather doesn't look great - hopefully it will improve :)

Went out for a gentle walk with the dog. Came back with sore knee and tired too, so put it down to mental issues surrounding tapering and the doubts we all suffer!!! Put it all out of my head now and decided to have a glass of wine to aid the carbo loading situation! Only one though...


Parish memory: too early for a bacon bap at steve M's house at the Blackboards last year and nearly missing Cath who was staying there to give me supplies... I am sure you will all receive supplies there again - thanks Steve

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 More Sleeps

I have received quite a few emails since posting my new "wildwalker" address on the blog. It looks like quite a few of you have had trouble posting comments as the blogger is a bit of a pain to set up. Thanks to all those wishing me well - much appreciated and best of luck to everyone too. Whilst I believe you make your own luck - I think we all need a bit over such a long event. I have to confess that having read Richard's blog re the weather I am getting a bit worried as rain and gale force winds not the best combination although hopefully this will blow us all up the west coast!

A public thanks to Michael Bonney who sent me his great excel spreadsheet - I eagerly plugged in last years times with I think a more accurate mileage breakdown. It was interesting to see the gradual tail off in my speed; unfortunately I worked out I would need to set off at about 10mph to be up with the leaders - i need to borrow a bike !!

I have found tapering unusually easy this year as I have almost ground to a complete halt - what with the office move and 2 nights out this week I am left with tomorrow as my only stroll this week. The carbo loading is going well though!! and I have put more training in than last year - the blog has helped to incentivise me over the last few months so I am staying up beat and have convinced myself I am ready for Sat morning.

Last minute preparation: quick shop at up and running to stock up on the Zero high sports drink tablets for the electrolyte drink intake to mix with the water stops. Job for tomorrow; light walk and load songs on ipod. Out Thursday night and then pack Friday night and last blog before D Day. I have asked daughter Cath to do mobile blog upload on the day so will have to see if that works for the culmination of the story...


Last few Parish memories; standing on finish line with Andrew Titley and Neil Skillen  as per my blog picture(Neil amazingly finished in just over 18hrs on his first ever go - and he still blames me for telling him not to start off too quick as he was only a few minutes behind at the end!! -  the plan worked!!!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Final Countdown

Well just back from trip away and not done much since the wet weather session on Friday. Did a few miles just to stretch the legs out but not had time to do a proper workout. Just thinking through final preparations for food and drink for the support team as clothing all now planned.

I have already talked quite a lot about the food and drink to eat on the day so won't repeat it all again but soup rice pudding and other easily digestible food is I think important to have available especially in the second half. The ability to eat solids gets harder as he event progresses so I am planning to try to eat some solid food early on with the odd banana thrown in.

Another thing I have been planning is my planned timing round the course. Although there is of course no guarantee you can do this on the day; I think it is a good idea to have a few target times at some of the churches - your support crew can perhaps keep these especially past Peel.

This is not only to make sure you have a realistic target whether it is for Rushen, Peel, beyond or all the way. If you want to go as far as you can it is important not too set off too quick - it is really easy to get carried away... That said my own view is that it is still important to set yourself a reasonable relaxed pace that you are comfortable with. At the end of the day if you can get round in 20 hours or so then it is still 4 hours less on your feet... Imagine how your legs ache just standing up for 4 hours! So if you work out a sensible pace before you start then you will probably walk a bit quicker but you might want to reign yourself in a bit if you are trying to get all the way round.

If you haven't been for a walk with the gear you plan to wear on the day (including the bib) I suggest you do - it is worthwhile to take a trip out in the next few days just to make sure you are comfortable and have no niggles....

The final countdown is upon us!


Ps another parish memory; a kind lady outside her house with a table full of oranges drink and other goodies just when I needed it somewhere up North (too hot and tired to remember where! )

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wet Weather Test

Well beginning to feel a lot better which is a big relief. Apparently it was a virus, my hotline to my parish walk physician (aka THE Doctor) confirmed something is going round and that should be well cleared before the countdown clock stops - neurofen and diarolyte ....  This soon made me feel a lot better and having taken another day off watching Elton John (which was fab) I felt I had to go out tonight.

Anyway back to the title - the most appalling day;  I guess a few inches of water laid down after endless rain which brings good news and bad news

Lets start with the good: I always try to stay positive so the fact that it poured down all day gives a great opportunity to test out the wet weather gear. I therefore wrapped up with my birthday hat and gloves (see march posting) and also donned the under armour full length pants and my parish bib. I tried to avoid mirrors and the kids on the way out and with hat pulled down low i went out into the rain. I soon ditched the gloves as found them quite annoying to walk with - so will just leave them in the car in case it is really cold on the sloc or at night. I have only walked in the long pants a few times but they were fine and I reckon they will soon dry out if the weather dries which is handy so they will be packed in the car (or worn if really bad weather first thing). The ron hill hat was great, very light, kept the rain out of eyes and is ok for the day if raining or if hot. Make sure you have a light coloured baseball type hat in the support vehicle. They are also essential if it is hot and sunny as you will really suffer if you don't cover your head - also some regular cold water in the hat really helped keep me cool last year. the bib is still fine although i now remember that the Velcro catches a bit on the arms so be careful how you do it up at the beginning - it can be annoying to have to fiddle around with stuff once you get going so may as well sort it out before you start.

So walk went well despite the rain albeit my left knee remains a little niggly but there is always something that annoys you so just put them out of your mind - it will be replaced by some other pain on the day!!! My socks were a thicker training pair so I found that they got soaked pretty quick and retained the water so I am definitely still on the Nike Dry fits regardless of the weather.

The Bad News: Not parish related but moving office today, not too far - only down the road but definitely not the best day to be traipsing up and down the Athol St and then into the office walking all over our new carpets.... The weather could not have been worse but we are nearly in which is exciting and the office is just next to the Courthouse so ideally placed for post parish celebration!

I have had a few people contact me directly by email as apparently the comments section is a bit difficult to log into. I am impressed that people have been bothered to track me down so I have opened a "wildwalker" email address with a link at the top of the page - please feel free to drop me a line with any last minute issues - preparation really is the key and everyone forgets to do something. Believe it or not I have been banging on about socks for a while but I still haven't replaced the pair which developed a hole so I really need to sort that out....

Well I am away this weekend so maybe just a short walk later on fathers day - the countdown is now in single figures.....

More Parish Memories: The friendly householders who came out with a hose pipe and a sprinkler to spray you as you go by. I especially remember someone going out of peel who I gave a big thumbs up to, to give me a good spray as I plodded by...



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Cold

Not much to report in the last couple of days. Picked up a slight summer bug with sore throat and generally feeling a little below par. Nothing desperate I hope, but taken a couple of days off. Plan to go for a short waltonight just to stretch the legs out. Hopefully back to 100%in the next day or 2.

As not much to happening over the last couple of days I wondered what was left outstanding from the increased blogging aka rambling writing, over the last few months. I realise I did not really confess to the outcome of the weight loss program over period. I have not really been dieting as with the increased training you still need to eat well and I enjoy my food and have a good appetite! I have however cut down on processed stuff and don't eat White bread(even our great "White and healthy"!) or fast food etc. I have also cut down on wine and beer which helps the time I had probably put on about 7 lbs since finishing the parish last year but have currently got down to about 4 lbs under last years weight. I am hoping to loose a couple more pounds before we start (in 10 sleeps) therefore should be around 7 lbs lighter than last year and about a stone lost overall.

I am hoping this will give me a bit more of an advantage over last years competitor. I have approached this year's event with the view that I am racing myself from last year. This has certainly helped give me a good focus and encorouged me to work on fitness & technique as well. The combination of definitely improving in all 3 areas over the past 6 months or so has hopefully enabled me to stand on the line in 11 days time quitely confident that barring mishap i should be able to beat last years me - if that makes sense. If I am going to achieve my 3 goals (finish, beat last years time,complete in under 17) I will need some luck as well but I should go in with the right frame of mind which is a good half of the battle.

I was also talking yesterday to Geoff Gelling part of the strong Barclays showing this year. I have spoken to him before about the tactics and tips etc and it is great to see their team has put so much in to this. Geoff seems very focused on finishing this year and I am sure he will get there and have that great smile on his face walking down the prom on Sunday morning - nothing compares to the first time....

Part of the reason for mentioning Geoff is that I am rather hoping he reads this as I was looking through a news report yesterday which had Jock's tips mentioned and Jock was saying he wears double skin socks. I had given Geoff chapter and verse yesterday on how i wear the breathable socks and like the nike dry fit as nike spend a lot of time and money on sock technology - i thought they must be be worth a try and they work for me having now tried a few brands (i seem to wear socks out v quick).I also explained sweating/dampness promotes blisters, so breathable and tight reduces the friction that causes them. Having fired him up to buy, wash and "break in" new socks today I see jock goes with the double skin approach - so Geoff go with what you have and donate the sock money to the Barclays Charity!

Anyway need to get off to work soon so will sign off and blog again in a couple of days to continue the countdown.....getting excited now not long to go.....


Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Island is Walking

The Island is Walking - Well that was it felt like this morning. I wasn't expecting to see anyone out as the dog woke me this morning as he had a "friend" over and they decided that they wanted to wake up at 5ish and I never made it back to sleep! (Even more surprising as had been at a 70s night fancy dress party raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind that Gemma was helping organise and the Mateus Rose and Liebfrau was flowing!!!).

Anyway went for a decent walk at 7am but still saw lots of people out. I went for a different lap as picking the car up from Onchan so had a lovely walk via the prom with the sun shining brightly. I was back by 9am so had the rest of the day ahead but lots of walkers and indeed runners and cyclists out - it is great to see. Running the kids around in the morning saw me pass lots of groups practising the Parish route Laxey to Douglas.

Then it suddenly became winter by lunchtime, at least in Douglas - freezing wind and rain and thoughts of perhaps another walk in the afternoon evaporated like the sun.... so spent the afternoon with the family and tapering starting now in front of the TV!

The other bit of running around this morning was to drop my improver's trophy off which has had pride of place for this last year :( When I won it Jane Crowe a former winner came over and said I had got her trophy and told me to look after it! I now know how she feels so I will have to pass the message on to the next winner whoever you are... I am now in good company though as former winners included Michael George and Mark Hempsall and Gill Cunningham.

It will have a new name on in a couple of weeks time but time to hand it back. I don't think I have a picture of this yet so Chess took one when we were packing it in the car - it weighs a ton - good Pooil Vaaish Quarry slate! and thanks to MSM for the trophy.

Back to work tomorrow and TT distractions over (the team has now left too). Just planning 2 or 3 shorter walks this week and will take the dog with me now too.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day off

Well took the day off today and it has been great so far. Got up early and walked to St Johns before the roads closed. I was amazed at how many people were out on their pitches already before the senior. Walking past the Crosby was a little embarrassing as I was trying to get up the hill at full speed whilst being teased by a couple of bikers who were enjoying the early sunshine with an even earlier pint! I was momentarily jealous as a pint of cold lager did have its attractions but that would not have set me up for the rest of the day.

I was also relieved about my compression sock choice I mentioned a couple of weeks ago as I fortunately i had the white pair rolled down - knee length White socks would have definitely raised the level of the banter as I went by. It was probably not the best route to walk but I had actually booked in for another massage at St Johns so there was no option but to go for the tt course. Other than a few strange looks from all the spectators the walk was fairly uneventful and well worth the trip out as the massage the other night really helped to loosen up the legs muscles and I think increase the speed slightly.

Today's massage was camomile based which is apparently good for healing and reducing inflammation so ideal to soothe aching legs ESP. Hamstrings and thighs which have been bothering me a little bit over the past week or so - but nothing serious....

I have just noticed that page views and followers gadgets do not seem to be working at least from my iPad so will have to check out whether this is a problem. At the moment still about 80 reads a day which spurs me on to write as much as poss especially with really only 2 weeks to go - gulp!!!

In fact I bumped into a fellow parish trainer called Sam in the back of beyond between east and west Baldwin on Thursday who flagged me down to ask if I was one of the parish bloggers!! Sam if you are reading this impressed you recognised me and hope the training walks keep going well - forget the shin pain - with a bit of a warm up and an easy first mile or 2 I am sure you will be fine on the day.

Anyway hoping to catch a bit of the racing in a minute and cheer on the Relentless team and he of the sideburns (was that your comment as "anonymous" Sumo?).

Only a couple more full on sessions and then thinking about winding back then with a few shorter walks and maybe a swim....

15 sleeps to go!


Ps another Parish Memory: so many friendly children handing out sweets ESP.the ones providing jelly beans!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relax with a massage

Usual walk again with the longer loop so just over 10 miles on a nice evening. Went to tt today but unfortunately washed out but still had a great time and saw Steve Colley's fantastic show. The advantage was that I got home fairly early and was able to easily fit in a good session and the rain had stopped by the time I got out.

My hamstrings have been sore over the last few days so my super masseur friend Rachel offered to pop round and help out. So on return from my walk she gave me a fantastic massage and now I can touch my toes again! Everything was pretty tight especially it band and hamstrings; feeling much better already and booked in another session for Friday!

Only a few more quick sessions before calm down on the training and will ease right back in e last few days just plan to go out and stretch the legs during the last week.

I have just looked at my Parish tips page again and realise it is a little out of date so will try to give that a bit of attention as it looks like a few of you are reading this. Behind the blog the stats tell me not just how many page views (about 80 or so a day now) but also where from - mainly iom views but quite a few from uk and also Germany,Ireland and USA and a few other countries around the globe!! I hope they are all travelling to our lovely island forth big day!

Anyway getting late and the massage nearly put me to sleep already so need to sign off...

Parish Memories and why I come back for more: Colin Garvey drinking baileys down in one in Andreas and then speeding away to eventually cross the line with me on our first go in 2009 :)


Ps if anyone reading needs a pre parish massage drop Rach a line she does a great regular massage and reflexology and aromatherapy too! Email

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recovery Complete

Planned to go out Saturday but was v tired and decided I needed another rest day. Next plan was to go out Sunday morning but still woke up pretty tired and the thought of a rare lie in, with the kids all doing the same, was too tempting. Nick had been away for a week on a school trip so needed some family time today with all 5 of us playing cricket and even garden jobs.

Eventually made it out early evening on the usual walk, which went ok -I can't seem to be bothered finding another route now but beginning to count down the remaining sessions left - its definitely getting close now!

Gemma bought Paula Radcliffe's book the other day which I have stolen and found really interesting, Lots of motivational tips and chapters on nutrition and various training schedules too - worth a look...

For some (sad) reason I was surfing parish walk on you tube yesterday and found a couple of recent Granada reports extracts which I had not realised had been on TV - particularly exciting as I was in the background on one of the shots during the Roger Black piece - fame at last!!!

Some other parish related videos:

Finally here is Ray Cox being interviewed at the launch of this year'sevent  last year - Murray's you tube post - good interview (not sure about the curtains though!!)

Enjoy the weather and keep going, last few sessions to hopefully build up the focus and confidence.

More 2010 memories - Gemma buying ice creams in Kirk Michael and handing out to those of us plodding by - I was so hot by then and the ice cream really hit the spot.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot Stuff

Wow, yesterday was very warm. I decided (perhaps foolishly) to  continue with working on my water consumption testing. At the moment (well prior to yesterday) I seemed to be averaging about 1- 1 1/4 pints an hour nearly 3lbs weight loss every 2 hours - it was obviously going to increase a bit.....

This changed dramatically yesterday. My usual 10 mile plus hilly walk started fine but having snuck out of work early on Friday (as we had people round later and i wanted to get a walk in)  i ended up walking at 4:30 when it was still  20degree plus and really sunny. Started off ok but for the first time in a month or so the early shin pain returned. It was not too bad to begin with but it got increasingly uncomfortable and the calf length compression socks seemed to be making things worse.

After about 2 miles I rolled down the compression socks and surprisingly the shin pain eased off almost immediately - so this sealed my last clothing decision - short length dry fit socks on the day; i will save the calf length socks for the running training (which starts after the Parish for the Dublin Marathon in October - gulp not run a marathon before).

Anyway socks rolled down I ploughed on until after about 7miles in I started suffering and wished I had brought a drink with me. I made it home but slowed down towards the end and felt absolutely exhausted when I got in - when I weighed myself I realised why, as I had lost 6lbs in under 2 hours! That is the best part of 5 pints and apparently you need to drink about 7 pints to replenish! I would not recommend this approach as I definitely over did it & I have been pretty tired today and only now beginning  to get energy levels back to normal.

I had thought on last years Parish I drank too much fluid as I reckon I had about 20-30 pints but on this experience that was probably about right. Anyway I won't try yesterdays dehydration training  again....

I took a couple of piccies on the way round - can anyone guess where I was standing (same place for both) - a beautiful spot near a beautiful church - .

Final picture of a steep short hill which was pretty tough yesterday (the photo flattens it out honest!)

Back out tomorrow for the last week of full on training,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Sunshine and TT thoughts

Another beautiful night and roads again pretty quiet during TT practice. Whilst talking about TT we have part of the TAS TT team  staying with us at the moment so I should go down and check out how they are getting on. Not really got into the bike scene yet this year but always try to get down one day during race week - current plan is to watch next Wednesday as have generous invite to the Manx Gas Klaffi team set up which is normally good fun and great atmosphere to watch with the team and see them prepare beforehand...anyway digressing again.

With just over 3 weeks to go the clock is really ticking now and have been trying to put in a last minute blitz. I think I will take tomorrow off though as you do need to give yourself a chance to recover and I have been pushing the hill work quite a lot so I think it is taking its toll - I hope that is the reason I am getting slower at the moment!!!!!! - the other option is that I am just getting worse - but hopefully a day off will see my energy levels return. Going to ease off with about 10 days so not long left to give it a final push. Last few days will need to keep legs ticking over as I remember last year my "tapering" essentially consisted of stopping training altogether which resulted in my legs stiffening up and a panicked trip down for last minute massage.

Memories from last year.... overheating in Jurby and struggling all the way to Ramsey