Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relax with a massage

Usual walk again with the longer loop so just over 10 miles on a nice evening. Went to tt today but unfortunately washed out but still had a great time and saw Steve Colley's fantastic show. The advantage was that I got home fairly early and was able to easily fit in a good session and the rain had stopped by the time I got out.

My hamstrings have been sore over the last few days so my super masseur friend Rachel offered to pop round and help out. So on return from my walk she gave me a fantastic massage and now I can touch my toes again! Everything was pretty tight especially it band and hamstrings; feeling much better already and booked in another session for Friday!

Only a few more quick sessions before calm down on the training and will ease right back in e last few days just plan to go out and stretch the legs during the last week.

I have just looked at my Parish tips page again and realise it is a little out of date so will try to give that a bit of attention as it looks like a few of you are reading this. Behind the blog the stats tell me not just how many page views (about 80 or so a day now) but also where from - mainly iom views but quite a few from uk and also Germany,Ireland and USA and a few other countries around the globe!! I hope they are all travelling to our lovely island forth big day!

Anyway getting late and the massage nearly put me to sleep already so need to sign off...

Parish Memories and why I come back for more: Colin Garvey drinking baileys down in one in Andreas and then speeding away to eventually cross the line with me on our first go in 2009 :)


Ps if anyone reading needs a pre parish massage drop Rach a line she does a great regular massage and reflexology and aromatherapy too! Email

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