Friday, June 24, 2011

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ok corny last post title but here we go for the last pre race blog.

Check List almost complete:

1.  Register
2.  Clothing for the morning (and garmin charged)

3.  Spare change clothes
4.  Wet weather gear
5.  Track suit and wet weather for pre start if raining
6.  Medical Kit inc sun cream (optimistic?!?)

7.  Food

8.  Gear for Support

Ok just about sorted - weather forecast seems to have improved so time to relax and fill your mind with positive thoughts!!!

Only last minute things are minor but may just save you a bit of time or hassle - if you are planning to go past Jurby then things like checking head torch batteries and adjustment of headtorch or other light source is good to do now - set the velcro in the right place - it is just something else to distract you when you are tired.

Gemma has done a great job so all food and medical supplies sorted; food all packed and soup ready to be warmed for the flask tomorrow. She thinks I am mad as I am taking pictures of the supplies for the car - she is probably right!!

It has been a really uplifting day today lots of well wishers emails tel calls and texts - thanks to you all. The flip side is very difficult to get too much work done  as also tempted to check weather and have been talking to the rest of the Callin Wild Clumpers team about plans for the day, last minute prep and general "parish stuff" 

Well not much more to say other than good luck to you all - hope you achieve your targets and enjoy the day; lets see if we can get 200 finishers this year...

Thanks for reading :)

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