Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final Thoughts

Another great Parish Walk over. Looking back I am sure we pick out the good bits and put those low moments out of our head (bit like child birth as far as I can tell from a mans perspective!)

Anyway finished 3 in a row now and already thinking that would like to give it a go again next year. My plans for sub 17 proved to be optimistic but still feel that this achievable but the years are perhaps beginning to run out :( so need to get on with it!

It is always important to learn things from each effort so here are the new tips I am going to give myself for next year. Everyone reacts slightly differently, so the most important tips I reckon are those you can get from your own experiences.

1. I seem to over heat easily and cannot keep cool especially after 40 miles or so. Try to keep cooler - bring ice water to throw over your head at regular intervals! I will do some Internet trawling too to see what otter less drastic options there are.

2. Rethink socks. Vaseline all over feet not just heels and try to toughen up soles beforehand, perhaps a bit of barefoot walking

3. Make time for a few longer walks to try to work out pace and try out sock and shoe strategy on the longer walks. My shoes worked for about 40 miles but the toe box was a bit small and toes were really bashed, I also think the rubber type insole made my feet overheat. I swapped shoes and socks in kirk Michael and i was really glad I did as it definitely helped.

4. Keep smiling!

Anyway lots of other events between now and the next long walk; plan to enter end 2 end and really enjoyed the 10 k series which I will also give another go - I would recommend that to anyone thinking of doing the parish next year. Also got the Dublin marathon in October which seemed like a good idea last Xmas but now getting a bit close and will have to start some running training.

I am glad (and hope) people have enjoyed reading the blog - I have enjoyed writing it, it certainly helped me focus on the event and ensured that I kept the training up.

Feet are healing pretty quick albeit I have not had the fish treatment from town I had never heard of this till last night but apparently it is all the rage, the fit nibble bits of your skin off your feet to clean them up - yes really and she sent me the picture!!

Dont worry those aren't my feet and decided I might finish them off if I stuck my feet in the tank!

Well that's all folks


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