Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 More Sleeps

I have received quite a few emails since posting my new "wildwalker" address on the blog. It looks like quite a few of you have had trouble posting comments as the blogger is a bit of a pain to set up. Thanks to all those wishing me well - much appreciated and best of luck to everyone too. Whilst I believe you make your own luck - I think we all need a bit over such a long event. I have to confess that having read Richard's blog re the weather I am getting a bit worried as rain and gale force winds not the best combination although hopefully this will blow us all up the west coast!

A public thanks to Michael Bonney who sent me his great excel spreadsheet - I eagerly plugged in last years times with I think a more accurate mileage breakdown. It was interesting to see the gradual tail off in my speed; unfortunately I worked out I would need to set off at about 10mph to be up with the leaders - i need to borrow a bike !!

I have found tapering unusually easy this year as I have almost ground to a complete halt - what with the office move and 2 nights out this week I am left with tomorrow as my only stroll this week. The carbo loading is going well though!! and I have put more training in than last year - the blog has helped to incentivise me over the last few months so I am staying up beat and have convinced myself I am ready for Sat morning.

Last minute preparation: quick shop at up and running to stock up on the Zero high sports drink tablets for the electrolyte drink intake to mix with the water stops. Job for tomorrow; light walk and load songs on ipod. Out Thursday night and then pack Friday night and last blog before D Day. I have asked daughter Cath to do mobile blog upload on the day so will have to see if that works for the culmination of the story...


Last few Parish memories; standing on finish line with Andrew Titley and Neil Skillen  as per my blog picture(Neil amazingly finished in just over 18hrs on his first ever go - and he still blames me for telling him not to start off too quick as he was only a few minutes behind at the end!! -  the plan worked!!!)

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