Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Walks

Well been a pretty good week on the training front been out most nights about 9 miles each night. I have been mixing it up with some running just because the shins are pretty sore again and I figure it is good for the fitness required on the second half of the parish.

This morning I did 30 mins on the xtrainer before watching the wedding along with third a of the planet - amazing! I have to say it was really good watching it with the family and some of the kids friends. We all went for a walk up peel hill afterwards (despite the complaints from the younger ones..) and then I walked back from Crosby. Out again tonight but will drive to avoid temptations!

Lots more walking planned over the break especially as the weather is so good - must make the most of it.

Here are some pictures from peel hill just to prove we were there!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Exercise

Well it's been a busy few days with lots of walking and lots of meals and probably too much wine too!

I am not sure whether I got the balance quite right exercise versus food and alcohol intake but went out for 3 x 9 milers and ran most of the last one as my usual tender shins/front of foot was giving me jip again. Pain disappears when running so just walked up the hills (as I am not yet fit enough to run the whole hilly course...).

Even managed to go water skiing on Friday but that is another story and probably did not add much to the walking preparation although good for shoulder strength?!?

Back to work in the morning and easter eggs eaten so I have decided to go on a diet for a couple of weeks as i figure every pound less to drag up the sloc will be a blessing! I will report back later on whether this has been a success!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mix it up with a run

Just nipped out for a quick walk. ( or that is what I planned) early Easter Friday as not much time today. Gem still away, returning tonight with some Maundy Money; we all watched the coverage on BBC and saw our new tv star family!.

That means I have been left in charge of 6 boys (nicks b'day crowd) and a few girls too so early start if there is to be any "me" time!

The walk ended up as a run because yet again felt there was not much time to warm up so tried to take it easy for first mile but not very good at that... Got serious shin pain in left shin and ankle about a mile in so decided to run to relieve the pressure. Did 5 mile run in the end and then back to cook BBQ breakfast for 9 .....

I guess still a little residual soreness from Sunday may have contributed although taken it easy this week save for a stroll up Bradda head with the kids (who now always moan at me for racing ahead no matter what speed I walk at!) here are some pictures....

Happy Easter everyone and I am sure we will all enjoy the great excuses not to pound the roads for a few hours over the break!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sara Killey V2

Well those of you who read last nights blog (interestingly enough the stats behind this blogger site show that about 70 views since then including people from Germany Ireland and the USA so the Parish is truly cosmopolitan) might have realised that I was pretty tired and was surprised at how bad/low I felt half way round.

On reflection I realise now that part of the slight downer was that I was wandering how I did that section in the last 2 Parise's after walking to peel, without feeling even worse than I did yesterday ! Andy Green definitely summed it up afterwards by saying the walk can put people off doing the Parish for just that reason - especially if you have not done that section before. I think the best way of getting your head round it is realising that you will not be walking anywhere near as quick or pushing as hard as yesterday, by then you will be in your rhythm, relaxed and spurred on by the support - which psychologically makes a big difference. So a day later I am much more up beat and would add, especially to potential first timers, if you have doubts about entering having done the Sara Killey; put them out of your head and give it a go....

That said I already plan to do the walk again next year as it is for a good cause, its great for training and I might try going off a bit slower and see if I can keep an even pace for the whole way round!!! I really must have the bug...

Anyway day off today apart from a few stretches and some exercises for 10 mins so will try to fit something in tomorrow.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sara Killey

Just got home after the 50k race which was pretty tough - I had forgotten that there were quite so many hills. The conditions were pretty good, if a little warm - but can't complain.

All for a great cause and a really good turn out. I finished in 5.40 hrs which was around what I was aiming for although not in the manner I hoped. Think I went off too quick and my support (thanks gem - sorry for being moody when you arrived!) did not meet me for a couple of hours and by then I was running low on energy and needed some water over my head! Gem arrived with lots of lucozade but no water. My fault really because my preparation was a bit of a disaster as had been pretty busy the day before and did not get everything ready the night before. Apart from running around in the morning and not really have time to eat breakfast my phone was flat and when I went to switch the garmin on it did not work - I think messed up on the charging front but not sure... It was a bit disconcerting because I do like to know roughly how fast I am going.

Gem then went off for water but nowhere around so she disappeared for ages and no watch for me made it feel like even longer! By the time she got back I was going through a real bad patch but after water food and dioralyte I got back into some form of rythm.

Anyway congrats to all who finished I think I was 9 th or 10th but did not look at results (although i know sally walker won the ladies with judith quane just behind her as they were both in front of me) just had a cup of tea (thanks to the kind lady at the fire station) and legged it back home as kids on holidays and walking is pretty time consuming....

I think Richard gerrard was second and the winning time a shade over 5 hrs which is pretty amazing..... Hopefully other readers will provide us with an update on results and stories too?!?

Anyway should write more but pretty tired now so bed and work am.............

Ps thanks to all the fire crew who organised a great event and the fireman who passed me bottle of water out of his engine as he went past towards the end - he could obviously tell I needed it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marine Drive

Dropped Francesca off at dancing or rather as she is now learning to drive she dropped me off - makes you feel old, where did all the time go?

Anyway the real purpose of the intro was to emphasise maximising opportunities to nip out for a walk as had an hour whilst dancing was on. Went through town and up marine drive and into the fog. It is quite a good route as long steady climb up to the gate and managed to make it in time to turn around and head back. It was really quite cold in the fog but there were a few people walking and cycling; there were a lot more people eating pizza and kFC in their cars by the lookout - I was very jealous on the way back down as pretty starving by then! I did 3 up and down the steps just to finish me off and then back to get chauffeur driven home by chess.

Sara Killey on Sunday so probably just play golf on Sat which will stretch the legs off if nothing more!

I will report back Sunday night....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Parish themed birthday presents

Well not sure where last week went. The good news is that whilst the blogging stopped the training carried on. I did a couple of 9 milers during the week taking advantage like many others of the lovely weather and light nights.

The training regime was interrupted on Friday as I had a very kind invite to Ladies day at aintree. I have never been before and whilst the bookies won by a mile, the entertainment was first class and despite the odd guilt pangs I put the healthy options to the back of my mind for a day!! (thanks again to Natalie and Bryan).

I was feeling guilty on Saturday but started the day at the foot health clinic using my birthday present voucher at the clinic attending one of the parish walk special sessions. Those of you who read earlier bloggs may remember that nearly all my presents had some form of walking theme which is definitely a sign of the times (whilst on that subject the glide is working fine but not sure about the stick application - enough said!).

The session at the clinic was really useful and happily showed no major issues but gave me a few things to bear in mind and it was good to have some tlc on the old feet.

Renewed and refreshed I went for 16mile walk on sat afternoon. Chose a v hilly route round Baldwin and then up Colden round to Brandywell back past injubreck and then home to Cronkbourne. I have some piccies which will try to download later.....

I tried another pressie on the walk which was a pair of compression socks. Apart from feeling rather ridiculous with the knee length White socks I think they helped a little with the shins knee drainage and probably my head... I think I will try them on the Sara killey at the weekend as this is probably the longest walk I will now do before the Parish so I'll let you know how it works out.

Anyway need to go to work.... More blogs more walking - where does all the time go...