Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wet Weather Test

Well beginning to feel a lot better which is a big relief. Apparently it was a virus, my hotline to my parish walk physician (aka THE Doctor) confirmed something is going round and that should be well cleared before the countdown clock stops - neurofen and diarolyte ....  This soon made me feel a lot better and having taken another day off watching Elton John (which was fab) I felt I had to go out tonight.

Anyway back to the title - the most appalling day;  I guess a few inches of water laid down after endless rain which brings good news and bad news

Lets start with the good: I always try to stay positive so the fact that it poured down all day gives a great opportunity to test out the wet weather gear. I therefore wrapped up with my birthday hat and gloves (see march posting) and also donned the under armour full length pants and my parish bib. I tried to avoid mirrors and the kids on the way out and with hat pulled down low i went out into the rain. I soon ditched the gloves as found them quite annoying to walk with - so will just leave them in the car in case it is really cold on the sloc or at night. I have only walked in the long pants a few times but they were fine and I reckon they will soon dry out if the weather dries which is handy so they will be packed in the car (or worn if really bad weather first thing). The ron hill hat was great, very light, kept the rain out of eyes and is ok for the day if raining or if hot. Make sure you have a light coloured baseball type hat in the support vehicle. They are also essential if it is hot and sunny as you will really suffer if you don't cover your head - also some regular cold water in the hat really helped keep me cool last year. the bib is still fine although i now remember that the Velcro catches a bit on the arms so be careful how you do it up at the beginning - it can be annoying to have to fiddle around with stuff once you get going so may as well sort it out before you start.

So walk went well despite the rain albeit my left knee remains a little niggly but there is always something that annoys you so just put them out of your mind - it will be replaced by some other pain on the day!!! My socks were a thicker training pair so I found that they got soaked pretty quick and retained the water so I am definitely still on the Nike Dry fits regardless of the weather.

The Bad News: Not parish related but moving office today, not too far - only down the road but definitely not the best day to be traipsing up and down the Athol St and then into the office walking all over our new carpets.... The weather could not have been worse but we are nearly in which is exciting and the office is just next to the Courthouse so ideally placed for post parish celebration!

I have had a few people contact me directly by email as apparently the comments section is a bit difficult to log into. I am impressed that people have been bothered to track me down so I have opened a "wildwalker" email address with a link at the top of the page - please feel free to drop me a line with any last minute issues - preparation really is the key and everyone forgets to do something. Believe it or not I have been banging on about socks for a while but I still haven't replaced the pair which developed a hole so I really need to sort that out....

Well I am away this weekend so maybe just a short walk later on fathers day - the countdown is now in single figures.....

More Parish Memories: The friendly householders who came out with a hose pipe and a sprinkler to spray you as you go by. I especially remember someone going out of peel who I gave a big thumbs up to, to give me a good spray as I plodded by...



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