Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Cold

Not much to report in the last couple of days. Picked up a slight summer bug with sore throat and generally feeling a little below par. Nothing desperate I hope, but taken a couple of days off. Plan to go for a short waltonight just to stretch the legs out. Hopefully back to 100%in the next day or 2.

As not much to happening over the last couple of days I wondered what was left outstanding from the increased blogging aka rambling writing, over the last few months. I realise I did not really confess to the outcome of the weight loss program over period. I have not really been dieting as with the increased training you still need to eat well and I enjoy my food and have a good appetite! I have however cut down on processed stuff and don't eat White bread(even our great "White and healthy"!) or fast food etc. I have also cut down on wine and beer which helps the time I had probably put on about 7 lbs since finishing the parish last year but have currently got down to about 4 lbs under last years weight. I am hoping to loose a couple more pounds before we start (in 10 sleeps) therefore should be around 7 lbs lighter than last year and about a stone lost overall.

I am hoping this will give me a bit more of an advantage over last years competitor. I have approached this year's event with the view that I am racing myself from last year. This has certainly helped give me a good focus and encorouged me to work on fitness & technique as well. The combination of definitely improving in all 3 areas over the past 6 months or so has hopefully enabled me to stand on the line in 11 days time quitely confident that barring mishap i should be able to beat last years me - if that makes sense. If I am going to achieve my 3 goals (finish, beat last years time,complete in under 17) I will need some luck as well but I should go in with the right frame of mind which is a good half of the battle.

I was also talking yesterday to Geoff Gelling part of the strong Barclays showing this year. I have spoken to him before about the tactics and tips etc and it is great to see their team has put so much in to this. Geoff seems very focused on finishing this year and I am sure he will get there and have that great smile on his face walking down the prom on Sunday morning - nothing compares to the first time....

Part of the reason for mentioning Geoff is that I am rather hoping he reads this as I was looking through a news report yesterday which had Jock's tips mentioned and Jock was saying he wears double skin socks. I had given Geoff chapter and verse yesterday on how i wear the breathable socks and like the nike dry fit as nike spend a lot of time and money on sock technology - i thought they must be be worth a try and they work for me having now tried a few brands (i seem to wear socks out v quick).I also explained sweating/dampness promotes blisters, so breathable and tight reduces the friction that causes them. Having fired him up to buy, wash and "break in" new socks today I see jock goes with the double skin approach - so Geoff go with what you have and donate the sock money to the Barclays Charity!

Anyway need to get off to work soon so will sign off and blog again in a couple of days to continue the countdown.....getting excited now not long to go.....


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