Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Sunshine and TT thoughts

Another beautiful night and roads again pretty quiet during TT practice. Whilst talking about TT we have part of the TAS TT team  staying with us at the moment so I should go down and check out how they are getting on. Not really got into the bike scene yet this year but always try to get down one day during race week - current plan is to watch next Wednesday as have generous invite to the Manx Gas Klaffi team set up which is normally good fun and great atmosphere to watch with the team and see them prepare beforehand...anyway digressing again.

With just over 3 weeks to go the clock is really ticking now and have been trying to put in a last minute blitz. I think I will take tomorrow off though as you do need to give yourself a chance to recover and I have been pushing the hill work quite a lot so I think it is taking its toll - I hope that is the reason I am getting slower at the moment!!!!!! - the other option is that I am just getting worse - but hopefully a day off will see my energy levels return. Going to ease off with about 10 days so not long left to give it a final push. Last few days will need to keep legs ticking over as I remember last year my "tapering" essentially consisted of stopping training altogether which resulted in my legs stiffening up and a panicked trip down for last minute massage.

Memories from last year.... overheating in Jurby and struggling all the way to Ramsey

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