Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nothing much to report today last day of the month so into the final countdown tomorrow. Usual walk tonight but lovely sunny evening and roads quiet as I went out after the practices had started.

Still lots of walkers and cyclists out and about which is great to see. Tried the weight loss water loss test again and lost approx 3 lbs in 1 hr 45 min. As I am walking quicker than when on the Parish I reckon that equates to around 1 pint an hour... I'll keep doing the test to get a more accurate breakdown but it gives you an idea of how much you need to take onboard.

Recovered from the weekend with about 30miles under my belt since I got home on Sunday - I think I need a bit less sleep to make a few more hours in the day - this last month has meant I have been a bit of a stranger at home at times but one day I'll persuade the kids to come out with me and the constant training will be coming to an end soon anyway.

Shin pain seems to have disappeared of late and knees generally ok but definitely feel the need for a massage to release some tight legs and hopefully help with promoting a smooth and relaxed style.

Until next time....

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