Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holidays Over

Well carried on training hard over the weekend culminating in a 17miler over some really hilly terrain. Went up to brandywell then down the road towards the west down towards Sartfield and then back on yourself down the West Baldwin road to Injebreck and beyond!

 It involved 4,300 ft of ascent including the millennium path around Carraghan which is not only steep but difficult terrain and mainly into the teeth of a serious gale - I was tired at the top so stopped to take these piccies.

Other than the wind, the weather was great and when I turned the corner with the wind at my back it was easy to get some real pace up to make up the time lost earlier. Managed to average 5.1 according to the garmin which I was pretty pleased with given the climbing and the windy conditions.

I was beginning to run out of energy towards the end as only brought drink with me but managed to make it back with a craving for some pasta which was quickly satisfied. Later in the day we went up Bradda Head with the family so more hills but at a gentle pace. Here are some more pictures of this beautiful spot.

Family dinner on the prom with more views of the head - the Island is just beautiful I wonder why we go on holiday anywhere else?

Fairly relaxed day Monday although did manage some golf in the morning which wasn't too bad despite the wind it is a good way just to stretch the legs out before a longer walk tomorrow. This month is the main push for me so must keep it up.

Weight loss starting now due to training and cutting back a bit I reckon another 7lbs to go before I can walk up the sloc without feeling guilty that I am carrying up a few too many pounds... Time will tell.


  1. iS IT JUST ME OR HAS YOUR blog made a colour changing fashion statement?

    Well done anyway. It looks and reads well:-)

    Looks like some tough training going on and 5.1mph ave. very good for vertical walking. I usually get well and truly dropped when going over Injebrek, though I did manage to stay within about 120m of our gang on Saturday.

    Are you doing the 20k on Sunday?

  2. Yes got bored of brown! Not sure about tomorrow - knee is a bit sore at the moment and trying to focus on slower hill climbs to ease the strain on the limbs which I get from the quicker sprints. Are you entering?

    I also realised that my description of the walk was wrong as the path is around Carraghan not Colden - so will amend now!