Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Injury scare

Picked up an annoying injury which is hopefully not too bad but have been advised by my parish medical team (thanks dr garvey) that I should take it easy for a few days and take some antiinflamatory tablets. Not sure what brought it on - probably just overuse but serious shoulder pain came on overnight on sat night and could barely move my shoulder on Sunday. Rest ice and tablets eased it off and now feels ok just dull ache. A few days recovery is probably no bad thing; in london monday tuesday anyway and as it is gemma's bday tomorrow I will stay off the roads til Thursday. Should be ready to give it a big blast then though....

Still great to see how many people are out training and see from murray's blog that the numbers are going up - hopefully 2000 is still achievable. Finally congratulations to Michael George again for winning the 20k championships in a super quick time - I just can't work out how people can walk that quick - lots more technique and fitness training for the rest of us!!

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