Monday, May 16, 2011


Ok, not the most interesting blog post subject but as I have given myself a night off (after feeling pretty tired today having pushed it over the weekend) and seeing the renewed interest in the Parish Site after the deadline has passed I thought a quick sock review might be of interest!?!

As you will see from my tips page (click the link across this page) the first point to make is never wear a new pair for a long walk (in fact I would always wash first anyway). I made this elementary mistake on my first lap in 2009 and ended up shredding my feet by the end. The second point is whatever you plan to wear on the day make sure you have worn them a few times during your training (and hopefully found them to be kind to your feet).

There are lots of different types/styles/materials but the bottom line is that socks are in direct contact with your feet and choosing the right pair of socks to wear will make a huge difference. The wrong pair can wrinkle up within a shoe and retain moisture, which can cause blisters and be one of the main reasons to stop. The best for me are ones that fit my feet well, and are made with fabrics that keep them cool, dry and comfortable. Main fabrics for wicking are polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax wicking away moisture
 will help reduce blister risk. I have also tried the double layer socks but not really sure about them - I don't tend to have trouble with blisters during training so can't really tell - some people swear by them others don't like them; the main thing that puts me off is that my feet tend to overheat with these on so I tend to stick with the tight fit coolmax type that are fitted. The main problem with these is that I wear through them really quickly so I tend to just wear them for races.

I have mentioned before that I also have the compression socks but as they are knee length you have to make sure you train at night - I also have to avoid the kids on the way out of the house as they find it very embarrassing :)

If anyone reading has any other ideas or theories please comment as it is a good idea to make the effort to get the foot wear right and give your feet the best chance to make it through the day.

Training resumes tomorrow with renewed vigour as I went to the BackleyBlack talk at lunchtime sponsored by Lloyds - with both stars being brought over by Scottish Widows too; so big thanks to Dean and Trevor. I did not make the talk in the Gaiety tonight but sure it would be good too. They focused on a few principles that I am sure are good to reflect on if you are trying to go the distance - hopefully I remembered most of them:

  • Passion
  • Self-belief
  • Surround yourself with talented people
  • preparation
  • Absolute clarity of thought and goals - you don't need to win to achieve your goals but aim high and go for it
So if you are in it to finish - clear your mind of the negatives; go in with a plan; visualise the end and get out there and train - and you will enjoy it!

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