Friday, May 13, 2011

Armless Training

Well as mentioned in my last blog the first opportunity to get out was last night but that worked well as my shoulder has been getting better but still a few aches and pains.

So Thursday night I decided to do my hilly regular 8 1/2 miler but made an effort not to move arms too much. It was quite a good test as it becomes difficult to change your style and it probably makes you work harder on other parts of your technique. I started reasonable well just trying to swing more from the elbows. I saw fellow walker and last years official blogger Andy Walker and Sally as they went by (in car not on foot this time) they probably wondered why I was walking so strangely! Managed to get into a reasonable rhythm into Baldwin and then met Sean Hands speeding by on the otherwise deserted east - west baldwin road. The shoulder felt OK so managed to walk the last downhill stretch at reasonable pace with short arm swings holding elbows at 90degrees.

Overall I was about 5mins slower than my usual time but a decent workout nonetheless. It also highlights how important the proper use of arms is. I know that after Peel it becomes harder and harder to keep the proper technique as the fatigue sets in but if you can just keep those arms going....

Walks planned for Sat and Sunday so hopefully shoulder will hold up as only a few weeks more before I will ease off.

will we make 2000 this year?

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