Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back on Track?

Went out on Saturday afternoon for a 10 miler round my usual Baldwin route with a 1 1/2 mile extension up to St Lukes and back round towards the reservoir. I thought about going up Carraghan again but time was against me. My shoulder pain has almost gone at the moment just a dull ache this morning; I am hoping it was a one off injury but need to keep an eye on it.

The back roads were really busy partly due to the fact there was a wedding on - I even had to stop to give directions to one guest who turned out to be closely followed by the wedding entourage which came round the corner as I was explaining whee to go! I think the few days enforced rest gave me useful additional recovery time which really helped the workout especially speed over this hilly course. Managed to get round in 1hr 45min so hopefully this is a sign the training is paying off and also shows the importance on proper use of the arms keep them bent at 85 - 90 degrees for the quicker work. When I first did this walk before my first parish 2 years ago I was doing it in the same time but before the 1 1/2 mile additional loop so gives you a lift to see that hopefully still improving.

Going out for an indian on sat night perhaps undid some of the good work but you have to have the odd treat.... Not sure what I will manage today - 4 of us planning to go out on the mountain bike for a bit of cross training but might try to go for a short walk too just to keep the legs going.

More later....

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