Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A good long weekend

No rain today, made the most of it with a couple of hours walk and 2 bbqs! Breakfast and dinner! Nipped into work and now watching a film but thought I better catch up on the blogging too!

Had a fairly quiet weekend on the exercise front as went to the game of the decade which did not quite turn out that way for my team :( . Never mind it was a great occasion and I saw Usain Bolt who walked straight past where we sitting - although a bit too quick to get a decent picture!!

Yes that is him but not the best camera work!!

Before it all went wrong!!!

Wandered around London from one place to eat and drink to another both before and after the game so that was the extent of my Saturday exertions!!

The closest we go to the cup....... someone was passing with a replica !!!!!!

I keep telling all my friends who are Liverpool and City fans and revelling in the defeat that you need to suffer the losses to appreciate the wins! A red mancunian was not happy but enjoyed the day and we were well beaten by the best team I have ever seen.

Anyway after a late night and an early start on Sunday I got home Sunday lunchtime and as we were out later in the evening I managed to motivate myself to walk there to get another 8 miles under my belt as I was beginning to feel guilty... Not eased by the great Indian takeaway from Peel on arrival (although 1 meal had fresh Ginger in it for the anti-inflammatory relief???) so much for the diet!

Turning back to the Parish not long left now, beginning to make some last preparations for those of you who read my embarrassing shoes blog I have now chosen which pair to wear - I have plumped for the Nike Lunar Eclipse found them comfortable and the sole seems really good for my walking style. Got my regular clothes sorted the only thing I am still not sure about is which socks I am going to wear - I have been trying out the embarrassing knee length compression socks but not sure if I am brave enough to wear them on the day yet!!!

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