Saturday, May 7, 2011


ok confession time, I have got a major problem. Since wrecking my feet the first time I did the parish (I had Dudley Butt rivaling blisters with the soles of my feet shredded) I have become more and more obsessed with footwear. I now realise I have more shoes than Gemma and I am amassing an "up and running" rivalling cross section of running shoes.

In my defence I have size 14 feet which means I cannot just walk into a shop and try shoes on. This tends to mean that I have to shop around online and I have now found a couple of sites that stock lots of shoes in my size. This has opened somewhat of a Pandora's box as I have never really had a choice of shoes before - if I found a pair that fit I tended to buy them!

Unfortunately I have carried on with this policy as I have been looking for the ideal shoe to wear for the Parish. The good news is that I have plenty of shoes broken in as I have 8 pairs that are run in;I am now rotating at least 8 pairs! It is quite surprising the difference between different pairs even of the same make. I have a number of Mizuno's as they seem to have a wide toe box and have generally fairly firm soles with decent support. the Brooks;(not sure what model)are also pretty comfortable and have a short tongue and I find that this helps reduce aggravation to the top of the foot. The Saucony pair are also very comfortable although my favorites at the moment are a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse which are very comfortable and at the moment I plan to use them on the big day. My other pair is a minimalist pair of racing flats called Nike Zoom Streak xc 2. They are really light and I plan to use the in the shorter races but I do not think they will give my feet enough support for the longer distances. I have only just bought them so may give them a go on a longer walk in the next week or so but will probably stick to the Eclipse on the day.

I am trying to kick the habit now as I have enough pairs to last me until I enter the next age category! Oh well enough of the confessions - Gemma made me take a picture of them all and I now see there are 9 pairs and I could not find another pair which I have not worn for a while :)


  1. That's funny. I, too, have huge feet so know all about the "My God, they have a pair in MY SIZE" thing. I'm quite lucky though. I quickly found Asics suit my feet well. After a brief daliance with Reebok I've gone back to the Asics Gel Kayano Walker and bought both pairs when they had two in my size in an online sale last year. I've been carefully trying to break them both in for the parish,

  2. Glad to hear someone else in the same boat! I have not really tried asics since I bought a pair before my first parish in 2009 and found they gave me blisters on the outside of my foot near the heel. It might be worth another go at some stage but I probably have 3 - 4 years worth of trainers already unless the training ups to new levels!!