Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Light Nights

Well Spring is almost here I think; got home about 6 and it was still pretty light. I was intending to go straight out but everyone was just about to eat and I could not resist. Left it for an hour and then went out for a quick 5.4 mile loop. It is quite hilly but gave it a reasonable go once I got going. I am struggling a bit with shin pain at the moment - not sure if it was caused from the long Peel walk but it is a niggle at the moment. I started off a bit more slowly and that at least got me warmed up before I tried to speed up.

Anyway I am going to try to get out most nights now - aiming for 5 days a week. There were quite a lot of walkers out tonight which is good to see. I am also going to try to start losing some weight as every pound carried up the sloc is a pound too many! Let's see how that plan goes too!

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