Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raad ny Foillan

Dropped my daugher in Castletown this morning and went for a run with Gemma - it was a gorgeous morning, the views over Langness were amazing. We did about 41/2  mile loop round the end of the runway. Got back to the car and then went back round the runway on my own and picked up the Raad Ny Foillan (anyone who doesn't know it is a fantastic coastal route with stunning views -

Some bits of the path were really boggy and churned up but generally it was ok. I bailed out up to Port Soderick and then up onto main road and back into Douglas. I did 18miles in the end in 3 1/2 hours but some running at the beginning and then some trudging up the cliffs and through the odd bog so I was quite happy; except I made another beginners mistake and did not carry any water with me?!? My only excuse was that i left in a bit of a rush and had a drink after the run - not good though I was really thirsty. The plus point is that I am now really looking forward to the rugby and have built up a good thirst!!


  1. Hi WildWalker,


    What amazing views and how wonderful to be able to treat the wife to the views too!

    Enjoy your day.

    Stroller Sue

  2. Thanks Stroller, I had a great birthday.

    I reckon it might be your birthday soon too? The years keep passing us by......