Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Presents

As stroller sue spotted in her comment on my last blog it was my birthday at the beginning of the week. The first day of spring brought presents which are clearly a sign of the times. I opened my "up and running" gift bag to pull out running hat gloves and the piece de resistance - a tub of glide!

I must have inadvertently tipped Gemma off when I showed her one of Richard's recent blogs with a review of the best chaffing protection. I was impressed with the attention to detail of the post including pictures of the various products... Now I am the proud owner of one so I guess I will have to do a review myself when I do my next long walk and test out the protection!!

Managed 5.5 tonight although a bit slower as my shins are still sore from the weekend I think. I am getting pretty fed up with continual shin and front of foot pain - anyone out there with any further tips please let me know as even going a bit slower did not help much tonight.

Lighter nights are a big help and seeing more and more people out there.

Anyway the only other parish related thought is that as of the 21st I am now in the over M45 bracket :( so will have to wait and see who is in that group for the parish.

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