Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinner Party Walking Club Part 2!

Well, another long week at work with late nights and many excuses not to hit the roads. After my walk to Peel last weekend I did not feel too guilty failing to make it out, but needed a walk this weekend to at least keep the miles coming. I was however talked in to playing golf on Sat morning (thanks Mark G) at least we had a good game (as we played in a team event which masked my inadequacies!); but that blew any prospects of a long walk on Saturday. 

The saviour however was a repeat of our walking/dining night which meant I did a quick 6 mile blast round the Southern 100 course last night with Neil Skillen who was No 18 last year on his first ever attempt (which was amazing); followed by a couple of glasses of wine and a great meal (thanks Mary).

Although  not the best week of training, just ensuring that you keep going out there definitely helps. Neil also noticed that the 10k training I have done over the winter has helped with the speed especially as he has had an enforced layoff through back injury. He ended up getting a blister last night (purely as a result of newish shoes and a speedy pace  i guess). I tried to be sympathetic but a blister in 6 miles from someone who was barely blistered after the Parish deserved some banter....

Neil has not yet committed to doing the Parish especially as a result of the injury but I am sure he may still go for it and will be a real top 10 contender if he does, as anyone who finishes in 18hrs on their first go has got a lot of potential to improve times.

Anyway have more work to do today but might try and sneak out for an hour tonight - I really should....

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