Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to walking

Got out for a quick 5 half miler tonight. Felt quite good, under an hour on a hilly route so quite happy with that and the shins did not feel too bad after Sunday's exertions.

I donned some new brooks shorts tonight. I bought them online when I mustn't have been concentrating, as whilst I like to wear hi viz stuff these ones are a bit ridiculous. When I got back my daughter demanded I get changed and never wear them again.... Anyone want some luminous yellow large shorts!!!!


  1. Hi Wildwalker,

    As a professional walker, please could I ask for your expert advice?
    I have just finished a challenging 2 mile walk up Brown Clee and my knees are killing me - what should I do if I am now to attempt a 3 mile walk?

    PS Thank you for offering your luminous yellow large shorts, however yellow is now really my colour - do you think they could be dyed to pink?

    From StrollerSue

  2. Ha Ha! I am barred from ever wearing 'Skins' and all kit must be vetted by daughters, sons & wife.

  3. Hey stroller,

    For your next session you need to start trying blue label vodka again! It takes away the pain....


    Ps I worked out who you were - too many clues!!!

  4. Michael,

    Unfortunately I did not get them to vet my online bargain hunting - I have learnt for next time!!!!! I try to hide the skins!