Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sara Killey

Just got home after the 50k race which was pretty tough - I had forgotten that there were quite so many hills. The conditions were pretty good, if a little warm - but can't complain.

All for a great cause and a really good turn out. I finished in 5.40 hrs which was around what I was aiming for although not in the manner I hoped. Think I went off too quick and my support (thanks gem - sorry for being moody when you arrived!) did not meet me for a couple of hours and by then I was running low on energy and needed some water over my head! Gem arrived with lots of lucozade but no water. My fault really because my preparation was a bit of a disaster as had been pretty busy the day before and did not get everything ready the night before. Apart from running around in the morning and not really have time to eat breakfast my phone was flat and when I went to switch the garmin on it did not work - I think messed up on the charging front but not sure... It was a bit disconcerting because I do like to know roughly how fast I am going.

Gem then went off for water but nowhere around so she disappeared for ages and no watch for me made it feel like even longer! By the time she got back I was going through a real bad patch but after water food and dioralyte I got back into some form of rythm.

Anyway congrats to all who finished I think I was 9 th or 10th but did not look at results (although i know sally walker won the ladies with judith quane just behind her as they were both in front of me) just had a cup of tea (thanks to the kind lady at the fire station) and legged it back home as kids on holidays and walking is pretty time consuming....

I think Richard gerrard was second and the winning time a shade over 5 hrs which is pretty amazing..... Hopefully other readers will provide us with an update on results and stories too?!?

Anyway should write more but pretty tired now so bed and work am.............

Ps thanks to all the fire crew who organised a great event and the fireman who passed me bottle of water out of his engine as he went past towards the end - he could obviously tell I needed it!


  1. Hi Jon, great walk in what I thought were pretty tough conditions. Seemed to me that the pace was quick right from the off.

    Thought you might be interested, I've just checked the Fire Service website and the results are now available at:


  2. Hey thanks Adam - just found those too and i agree i think everyone went off pretty quick. Having read results congrats esp to Michael George for winning in a quick and close fought race and for Richard Gerrard pushing him so close....

    Feel ok today - little tired by the end of the day and decided to have a day or 2 to recover before back on the training treadmill!

  3. Thanks Jonathon,

    Well done yourself:-)