Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marine Drive

Dropped Francesca off at dancing or rather as she is now learning to drive she dropped me off - makes you feel old, where did all the time go?

Anyway the real purpose of the intro was to emphasise maximising opportunities to nip out for a walk as had an hour whilst dancing was on. Went through town and up marine drive and into the fog. It is quite a good route as long steady climb up to the gate and managed to make it in time to turn around and head back. It was really quite cold in the fog but there were a few people walking and cycling; there were a lot more people eating pizza and kFC in their cars by the lookout - I was very jealous on the way back down as pretty starving by then! I did 3 up and down the steps just to finish me off and then back to get chauffeur driven home by chess.

Sara Killey on Sunday so probably just play golf on Sat which will stretch the legs off if nothing more!

I will report back Sunday night....

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