Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sara Killey V2

Well those of you who read last nights blog (interestingly enough the stats behind this blogger site show that about 70 views since then including people from Germany Ireland and the USA so the Parish is truly cosmopolitan) might have realised that I was pretty tired and was surprised at how bad/low I felt half way round.

On reflection I realise now that part of the slight downer was that I was wandering how I did that section in the last 2 Parise's after walking to peel, without feeling even worse than I did yesterday ! Andy Green definitely summed it up afterwards by saying the walk can put people off doing the Parish for just that reason - especially if you have not done that section before. I think the best way of getting your head round it is realising that you will not be walking anywhere near as quick or pushing as hard as yesterday, by then you will be in your rhythm, relaxed and spurred on by the support - which psychologically makes a big difference. So a day later I am much more up beat and would add, especially to potential first timers, if you have doubts about entering having done the Sara Killey; put them out of your head and give it a go....

That said I already plan to do the walk again next year as it is for a good cause, its great for training and I might try going off a bit slower and see if I can keep an even pace for the whole way round!!! I really must have the bug...

Anyway day off today apart from a few stretches and some exercises for 10 mins so will try to fit something in tomorrow.

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