Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Exercise

Well it's been a busy few days with lots of walking and lots of meals and probably too much wine too!

I am not sure whether I got the balance quite right exercise versus food and alcohol intake but went out for 3 x 9 milers and ran most of the last one as my usual tender shins/front of foot was giving me jip again. Pain disappears when running so just walked up the hills (as I am not yet fit enough to run the whole hilly course...).

Even managed to go water skiing on Friday but that is another story and probably did not add much to the walking preparation although good for shoulder strength?!?

Back to work in the morning and easter eggs eaten so I have decided to go on a diet for a couple of weeks as i figure every pound less to drag up the sloc will be a blessing! I will report back later on whether this has been a success!!

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