Friday, April 22, 2011

Mix it up with a run

Just nipped out for a quick walk. ( or that is what I planned) early Easter Friday as not much time today. Gem still away, returning tonight with some Maundy Money; we all watched the coverage on BBC and saw our new tv star family!.

That means I have been left in charge of 6 boys (nicks b'day crowd) and a few girls too so early start if there is to be any "me" time!

The walk ended up as a run because yet again felt there was not much time to warm up so tried to take it easy for first mile but not very good at that... Got serious shin pain in left shin and ankle about a mile in so decided to run to relieve the pressure. Did 5 mile run in the end and then back to cook BBQ breakfast for 9 .....

I guess still a little residual soreness from Sunday may have contributed although taken it easy this week save for a stroll up Bradda head with the kids (who now always moan at me for racing ahead no matter what speed I walk at!) here are some pictures....

Happy Easter everyone and I am sure we will all enjoy the great excuses not to pound the roads for a few hours over the break!

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