Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Earthquakes and Man Flu & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well, it has been a while since my last blog - lingering snow and then an unhealthy bout of the lhergy that everyone seems to have had has wiped me out over the New Year. Unfortunately I am still struggling to shake it off so training has come to a complete stop despite wanting to train (even without the threat of a New Years resolution!)and going slightly stir crazy!

BTW I cannot really blame the earthquake but I thought the heading might catch the eye and it did excite the kids as we all felt it and realised it must have been a small quake!

I hope to be back to fighting fit by the weekend so I can go on my first walk of the year on Sunday - I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks to Sue for her comment on the other page of this blog. I hope that others will join in and we can add to the tips page to produce a central list as the tips definitely helped me for both my Parish efforts.

I will blog again once I have done something other than drink lemsip (albeit I am now on honey lemon and whisky which is a good excuse!).


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