Friday, January 14, 2011

A Prom Night

Managed to drag myself out just for a quick blast up and down the prom. Took kids and dog but tried to run between them and speed walk  too to get a bit of extra exercise. Good to see a lot of walkers out there already; bumped into Mark W power walking with his dog (and he made Tuesday too) so expect to see his entry pop up on Murray's Parish  blog soon.

I have been gently trying to encourage my kids to walk but I think they find it a little boring! Managed to get them out tonight - here is the proof - Cath and her friend Georgie were apparently also doing there revision on their ipods but I am not too sure how much they got through! Georgie tells me she follows the site - I guess I will find out if she sees the picture....

BTW Feel like the flu has completely cleared up so no more excuses!


  1. :-) Keep it up. There's a way to go yet. Bernie tells me you have determination. I'll see you at the start... and the finish!

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks, found your blog very interesting and lots of useful tips too. I will add a summary of a few to my page of tips if that is ok!

    I thought your recent post re focusing on finishing was good - I had similar thoughts for my first Parish (and the rest); my blog re first parish makes similar comments.

    Look forward to meeting you at the start (and finish) unless you are over to iom for a training session or a race beforehand. We should form a bloggers team!