Thursday, January 20, 2011

An alternative Saturday Night

It has taken me a while to right this one up as I have been very busy this week (and as a consequence the weekday training has gone out of the window).

The story starts with trying to fit some training in whilst maintaining a work/social/life balance. Gemma came up with a great plan to invite some friends round for a bite to eat but then require them to come for a walk before they could eat! Despite the wet weather we manage to persuade everyone to walk. Although I think they all thought we were mad we all felt great after the walk and no guilt eating the desert.

Managed a quick 9 mile hilly walk on Sunday which was good but that is it. I have started the New Year health food kick and believe it or not we are all eating from a great app called Good Food Healthy Eating which has lots of tasty but healthy recipes - even all the kids like it so must be a great sign.

Weekend i need to have a major workout but first golf of year planned and the wish upon a dream do on Saturday night is going to make that tricky too.... Let's see what happens...

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