Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Man Flu Gone - 2011 training starts!

Flu gone, so managed to keep to my plan in the last blog to go out for the first proper walk of the year. In fact managed to go out on Saturday and Sunday. Took the dog out round Sollag Rd/East/West Baldwin route on Saturday which is about 9 miles and pretty hilly - I think it is over 2k climb according to the Garmin so my hope is that this will help especially for the Sloc and Maughold.

Unfortunately Oscar (my dog) is getting pretty old (over 10 now) so after about 5miles he begins to slow down so it is good for slower training walks but it is difficult to go full pelt especially with him on a lead.

On Sunday Nick was playing football at Ramsey so I dropped him off and tried to do a quicker walk round a 6.5mile loop. My energy levels are not quite back to pre Christmas though, as I ran out of steam about half way round and decided to slow down a bit to make sure I could get out this week.

Unfortunately missed the Tuesday training tonight as I was still working, but my wife Gemma and her friend Lorraine went down for their first session and really enjoyed it - so I may have to start getting her to do some of this blogging!!

Just been reading Richard's recent blog about rehydration/water intake sounds like a good idea - think I will add this to my list of tips if he doesn't mind!

At the end of this eclectic blog here is a picture of our fantastic Island - for no particular reason other than it looks great and it is probably a view that you would get from the E2E.

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