Monday, January 31, 2011

Misty Mann

Well I did say after my last post that it might be a tricky weekend to do much training over the then following weekend (23-24)... Well I managed to get the game of golf in I mentioned. First one of the year and I was rubbish!!! Too much focus on the walking over the last year is my excuse but it is running a bit thin!!! Anyway carrying the clubs and walking quickly round the course made me feel a bit better!!!! The other excuse was that it was really foggy mist just clearing half way round - the phone photos don't really do it justice but it was a pretty spectacular...

(cant post images on iPad for some reason - pic to follow....)

Managed to get out on Sunday for a good walk round Baldwin again despite a late night at the wish upon a dream function (which was a great night - thanks Steve M for the invite).

one walk on Tuesday night was all I could manage as I was very busy with work last week and off to Paris last weekend with work (separate photo post to follow as managed to get one walk whilst away)

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