Monday, December 20, 2010

More Snow!

Well my weekly blog does not seem to have too much to do with walking at the moment as it is pretty difficult to get out there and tick over the miles. I managed to go for a walk on Saturday up towards the Creg but the going was pretty treacherous. Took the dogs and enjoyed the views and atmosphere.

Yes that is the mountain road with my wife Gemma leaving me behind!

Here are the dogs mine is on the right Oscar

The one on the left is Indie who is our regular visitor  Rhiannon's guide dog - but enjoying some well earned R & R!

I then made it home for serious sledging with my son Nick - go for it boy! 

The girls then made a huge snowman with my help - the Saturday workout was complete trying to lift the head onto the body - which was definitely Dad's job

Sunday I went for the treadmill session and a quick set of exercises before a large Sunday roast - another excellent day!

Busy week ahead, so staying realistic, decided that proper training should start on 4th January - lets see what happens!

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