Friday, December 3, 2010

Parish 2011 goes live

Well it is great to see Murray's site has now gone live. I'm sure it has not been a good week of outdoor training for anyone. I was planning to go down to the NSC for the Tuesday walking session but realised I had a parents presentation at school so had to miss it. I think it was a lucky escape though with freezing temps and a slippy track - I heard from Kathryn C that at least a couple of other intrepid ladies made it out including Bernie B - well done!

I plan to do the Peel To Douglas on Sunday so probably take it easy tomorrow. I was lucky enough to have been able to buy a reconditioned treadmill off eBay recently so I had a quick work out when I got in tonight - it is not quite like the real thing and I have not quite worked out all the settings as it seems to suddenly go into a steep incline whilst I am at full speed on the flat so the occasional injection of running is required to save me from shooting off the end!

I am just trying to tick things over at the moment - busy at work and lots to do with the kids but feel it is important to try to keep vaguely in shape through the Christmas period and then start training a bit more seriously in January, but will still give it a good go on Sunday!

Next instalment Sunday night I guess...

Ps If you look across the blog you will see I have set up another page. I hope others will add comments to the tips page so that we can perhaps work out the most popular food to eat on the day or favourite drink... Although I would recommend dioralyte I definitely had too many in last year's heat and that does produced unintended and inconvenient consequences!!

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