Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Cool Peel to Douglas Race

I was out at my Parish support team's house (Brett Woods) for a party on Saturday night so I thought this was probably not the best preparation for a speedy walk this morning. Fortunately he even looks after me out of hours too, so I was full of sparkling water by the time I drove home before midnight (although I left the other half of my support wife Gemma, at the party so no lift to Peel for me this morning!). As Brett's house is on the course he also got up early and threw me a chocolate bar and drink as I went by which was a good lift for the final push.

Anyway, the walking; conditions were actually not too bad just a few icy spots but don't think anyone had too many difficulties under foot.A few cars and 1 lorry caused me more worries, why don't people just slow down a bit and leave some space? Surely they can't be in that much of a rush on a Sunday? Sorry moaning and digressing again... the walk was great with a record entry and some amazing times - well done to Steve and Sue. A big thanks to all the marshals and organisers - it is bad enough getting up at 7am to enter a race let alone to help other people race. It was also great to see a few people out early to urge the walkers on (thanks Eamon and D1). I finished in 1hr 43mins so I was reasonably happy for a first season of trying to walk quick in the winter. Everyone assures me this is a great way to increase your Parish pace - it
certainly makes sense as walking back at 5mph now seems very relaxed so hopefully it will work for next year... before I go I was talking to my first follower Dave Walker after the race today who gave me a good tip to ward of the shin pain when you push from the off (he got it from Sean Hands so I am sure it will work for most of us). Anyway to hear what it is you will have to read my tips page - click the link across the page.

I think Tuesday training is off this week? So will need to motivate myself to hit the streets... You will find out whether I make it in the next instalment...

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