Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow on Man!

Wow - snow in November was a bit of a shock; not good for the training sessions though.

In fact I was lucky to be in Spain for a few days (thanks Mark) so avoided the snow until tonight, but actually the conditions were horrendous there too. 40 hours of solid torrential rain turned all roads into rivers and just about shut the place down. I did manage to get 1 training walk in albeit it turned into a bit of a battle for survival. It should have been a great road walk up into the mountains on a rarely used road but not only were there streams coming down the road but there were lots of rocks falling onto it from landslides. In the 90 min walk I saw no cars or people just lots of water and rocks!

It was therefore a bit of a shock to land back home with snow on the edge of the runway. We were very lucky to get home at all - some of our friends ended up doing a planes trains and automobiles eventually relying on the Steam Packet via a long train journey from Gatwick to Heysham.

Anyway less rambling about the weather... I have been going down to some of the Tuesday walking sessions laid on by Allan and Manx Harriers. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of doing the Parish next year. You will get lots of tips and whilst some of the top walkers come down which is a great help, there is a really good mix of all levels of walkers. I also find it a good way of ensuring you go out even if it is cold and wet.

I have a few ideas for the blog but if anyone out there wants me to cover anything in particular please give me some feedback as I am not used to talking into the ether...
Must sign off but before I go firstly thanks to Dave my first ever follower! Hope you enjoy the blog and also hello to my fellow amateur bloggers Richard and Stephanie whose bloggs I look forward to reading along with our professional Murray.


  1. Good to see you've made an early start to both the blogging and the training.

    I take it you'll be suing the Spanish Met Office for not providing you with sunshine?

    Will you be racing on Sunday if Adrian Cowin does better than his european counterparts?

  2. Hi Michael,

    Yes early training and blogging essential! Great to have comments and followers before site goes live...

    Unfortunately I did not check the weather before I booked - so no law suit this time!

    Yes plan to be down on Sunday; hopefully Adrian will arrange a thaw!