Monday, November 22, 2010

Training Already?

When Murray asked me to be an "official blogger" I realised it was a great incentive for me to keep the training up through the long winter months. The earlier you start the easier it will be?!?

As this is my first post I will keep it short so I will have a few things to say later! If you are reading this blog in 2010 then you are probably an avid Parish Walk supporter anyway, so no need to explain what lies ahead before 25 June 2011.

This will be my 3rd Parish so I now know what to expect and have received lots of tips from many walkers - this is what makes the Parish special for me. Whilst it is a competitive event there is real camaraderie amongst the walkers, lots of support for all competitors and even the elite walkers are happy to pass on tips and help with training and walking technique.

By posting this blog I realise that I am committed to enter, train, try to finish and hopefully beat my best time - time will tell!

Looking forward to see who is my first follower (if I get one!) as this is a first for me...

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